How to Win at Online Dating eBook

You’ve tried finding love the traditional way. Going to social events and singles mixers. Even having friends set you up… (never again!). Basically, waiting for the universe to bring Mr./Mrs. Right into your life. But even though you’ve always kept looking, you haven’t gotten any closer. So you’ve started thinking about taking things into your own hands. “Should I give online dating a try?” You’ve avoided it until now. Maybe it’s because you prefer to feel if there’s a spark, and you fear that online dating takes that away completely. Or maybe you believe that online dating is full of desperate people. I used to have all these preconceptions, and a dozen more to boot. And then life circumstances tossed me down the online dating rabbit hole. I was amazed at the world I discovered on the other side. In a way, it was everything I’d expected. And in many others, nothing like it at all. I won’t tell you I wish I’d started with it years earlier, because it actually came into my life at exactly the right time. And maybe the fact that you’re reading this page is a similar sign for you, that this is your time to make a change — and give a chance for you to meet someone wonderful.

What you can expect from this ebook

This book is the ultimate guide to online dating, written by a love and relationship expert with a proven track record of success. It’s based on years of experience and scientific evidence, and provides practical steps for finding love online. Don’t waste your time with superficial guides – this is the real deal. It’ll give you the answer to all your burning questions, including:
  • How can I tell if there’s a spark with someone if we meet online?
  • How do I make my profile enticing and attract the type of person I want?
  • How can I tell if it’s worth meeting someone or if it will be a waste of time?
  • How soon should I meet them to give chemistry the best chance?
Here is a full breakdown of the chapters in the ebook:

Chapter 1:

My own incredible backstory and journey with online dating (it’s not the typical one you might expect!) I had tons of hesitations just like you, and made many mistakes. Thankfully, with this book, you won’t have to!

Chapter 2:

Many of the things people hear about online dating are completely wrong. So first, we’ll go through what’s true and what isn’t about online dating, so that you can start your journey off on the right foot and without false preconceptions that would make you miss great opportunities.

Chapter 3:

Many people struggle to find the right person because they don’t even know what kind of person it would be. One of the great things about online dating is it helps you reflect on this — and makes it easier than ever to find it. The guidelines in this chapter will give you specific points to reflect on so you can hone in on exactly who you’re looking for, and find it.

Chapter 4:

There’s a wealth of dating apps out there. Which one should you choose? This chapter will tell you what key factors to consider in order to determine what app will give you the best experience. You’ll also have an insightful overview into the different types of apps that exist and unique features you may like to look for.

Chapter 5:

Your profile is paramount to your experience with online dating! It can grab the attention of your perfect match or it can make them swipe left faster than you can say “single as a pringle”. This chapter will give you a detailed step by step on how to build a killer profile, with both your bio and your photos.

Chapter 6:

With so many profiles on the app, it can be nerve-wracking to decide who you want to talk to and who not to. You don’t want to pass on who could turn out to be the love of your life — but at the same time, if you try to talk to anyone, you’ll end up talking to noone. I’ll teach you my tried and tested filters to weed out time-wasters and pick out a potentially great catch.

Chapter 7:

You’ve found some super interesting profiles and you’re excited to get to know them. But… What do you say?? This chapter will ease all your worries and guide you in exactly what to say to start the conversation off on the right foot.

Chapter 8:

There’s all kinds of people everywhere, and you definitely want to avoid the liars, cheaters, and scammers. This chapter is all about red flags to watch out for so your online dating experience is nothing but pleasant.

Chapter 9:

It’s called online dating, but the “dating” part happens in the real world. This chapter will prepare you for that transition. You’ll learn some safety precautions to make sure you can feel fully at ease while meeting matches. We’ll also go through some game-changing tips that can make or break your chemistry in person.

Chapter 10:

You’re now equipped with all the knowledge and tips you need to make your online dating experience better than you could ever imagine. Soon your friends will be asking you what’s your secret — and when they do, you know where to send them 😉 And if there’s anything you want to know that wasn’t covered in the ebook? You can reach out to me anytime and I’ll be delighted to see how I can help.

Ready to transform your dating experience?

If you don’t like where your current dating experience is going, you must do something differently to change it. (Doing the same thing you’ve done until now will just give you the same results you’ve had until now!) You can do it the long way, like I did. You can go at it alone through trial and error, a couple very bad dates, until you eventually figure out what works from experience. Or, you can skip the line and the hassle and unlock instant access to my years of hard lessons learned and groundbreaking insights — for less than the cost of a Starbucks coffee. Hey, there’s nothing wrong with either approach — if reading this ebook is not what you’re meant to do right now, no hard feelings. I’ll still be here to help you and give you free advice and insight through my love and relationships blog. I took the first road myself, because I didn’t have a guide like this at my disposal. But if you feel you’d like to make your online dating journey truly exceptional, I’m confident that I can be a great contribution to that. Excited to see how I can help your journey transform!

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